Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Music: Carina Round

Carina Round, who despite a lack of presence in the American scene is one of my favorite musicians, has a new album allegedly coming out May 30th. Scratch that. June 27th: Slow Motion Addict. She's a bluesy rock goddess in line with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but with a more crooning balance of sound. But when she rocks, she does. And hard.

Her earlier album The Disconnection was my favorite album the year it came out. And now I've stumbled on two new tracks open for free download:

If How Many Times & Ready to Confess are an accurate sample of what's to come, I'm going to be a happy boy come June. The later, "Ready to Confess" is reminiscent of early Garbage, which should make Nico happy.

And just in time for his birthday. Here's the cover (I'm into it):


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