Thursday, April 21, 2005

21.2 microscope / telescope

microscope / telescope

There is no in between.

I either know all or am blind
to what consists in the deep shallows.

It is the day after distortion.

No apology. Nothing necessary
for eyes cased in hourglass algae.

I am nothing.
The body tells him so.
It says I am the one to blame
because the body is the one
who does the blaming.

I will never understand
because I don’t:

No one will help us in our needing.

Red wall in a blue room.
Nothing will take the red out
inside the wall. It’s just paint
over it.

No leaf is eternal, not even yours.
So much of the long view.

So much of your blank praise, of your
folded brain. There is no keeping it.

You will never know how you hurt me.
I’m not that kind.

Is this
what I think it is?

I can’t see. I am too close
                               far away.


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